We help you fill exceptional roles that others find rather challenging

Information Technology

Vantage Point Consulting provides a distinct advantage in the field of Information Technology.

Our team of elite professionals is dedicated to IT talent acquisition, leveraging their extensive experience to assist you in finding the right talent within the IT industry. Each of our professionals possesses a deep understanding of the job market and the requirements for different roles, whether they are full-time or contract-based. They excel at identifying the most suitable candidates for job openings and matching job seekers with relevant opportunities.


We collaborate on cutting-edge and innovative projects that use a broad range of technologies available in the market today, partnering with some of the world’s most exciting companies. Whether you need to fill a niche position or a high-demand role, Vantage Point Consulting has a diverse pool of talent waiting for you.

Finance & Accounting

Vantage Point Consulting focuses on recruiting permanent and contract professionals for the accounting, financial, banking, and investment industries across the entire United States. 

Our Finance & Accounting division is staffed by experienced recruiters, with a collective experience of over 100 years. Many of our recruiters have worked as professionals in this industry, while others have devoted their entire careers to these fields. We take a consultative approach and employ a retained methodology for contingency recruiting, but we prioritize speed and efficiency and can execute as quickly as necessary to meet your needs.


A dedicated team of skilled professionals will be assigned to your company for a specific project duration, ensuring that your business has access to the necessary resources and expertise needed to successfully complete the project within the agreed-upon timeframe.



We are your ultimate collaborator for engineering talent solutions.

Today’s engineers are driven to achieve bigger, faster, and better outcomes, and they embrace new work methodologies. However, identifying the right experience and skills can be challenging. Fortunately, we have the expertise to help. If you require talented men and women in engineering, we have got some great averages to share with you. We take the time to comprehend your technical needs and devise customized solutions to meet them.


Our team has honed their skills in recruiting exceptional niche engineering talent and delivering a wide range of flexible and efficient solutions to assist you in expanding your products and geographic footprint. Our engineering recruiting experts have a deep understanding of the engineering challenges that firms of all sizes and industries face. As a specialized engineering staffing agency, we can help you attract and retain the most qualified professionals.


By partnering with us, you will gain access to hidden talent pools that we have developed over decades of experience. Our recruiters utilize cutting-edge recruiting technologies to expedite and streamline the hiring process. Our engineering recruiters have the resources to produce results quickly, collaborating with you every step of the way to provide the talented engineering professionals you require to succeed.

Attorney and Paralegal

Receive confidential and comprehensive guidance swiftly for your hiring needs or career advancement from our knowledgeable legal professionals.

Our team of legal industry experts is dedicated to providing personalized and comprehensive advice to help you achieve your career or hiring goals. We prioritize understanding your needs and goals, and align our processes to meet them. We have established relationships with the key decision-makers in large and medium-sized firms, corporations, non-profits, and government entities to better understand their specific requirements and objectives.


Proficiency and distinct

Our recruitment team is made up of former lawyers, paralegals, and litigation support professionals who use their expertise and intuition to match your company’s needs with the right professionals, maximizing their impact.


We help you hire culture

Our legal staffing and recruitment specialists take the time to understand your hiring needs, company culture, and any complexities of the situation, to provide you with the best candidate. From compliance to insurance claims, document review, and litigation, we can provide you with the experienced legal talent to tackle your workload with ease.


At VPC Staffing, we adopt a consultative approach to understand our clients’ needs and goals. Our extensive database comprises both active and passive job seekers, and we reach out to potential candidates via confidential pre-screening methods, including personal and virtual interviews. This thorough process helps us confirm their qualifications and interests before presenting them to our clients.

Executive Search

Vantage Point can assist in securing the right executives to steer your business towards success.

Our Executive Search services are specialized in recruiting senior management and executive-level professionals, such as CEOs, COOs, CFOs, general managers, directors, and country managers. We conduct thorough industry research to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of our services, delivering what you need when you need it.


Organizations require effective leaders who are aligned with their growth strategies, but the challenge is finding a leader whose aspirations match the organization’s direction. Our expertise lies in bridging this gap and helping to identify leaders who can provide the appropriate alignment to drive organizational growth.


Operations and Administrative Support

Why Hire Executive Support? Because running an office is challenging.


In today’s world, the cloud has become the go-to storage solution. Given this rapidly changing business environment, it’s imperative to have someone who can provide the necessary support. That’s where we come in – we can assist you to get the right person who can support you in a rapidly changing business environment and new technological advancements.


Effective delegation is a hallmark of excellent business leaders, and one way to achieve this is by enlisting a competent and professional Executive Assistant in your daily routine. As no individual is proficient in every task, and time is limited during the workday, engaging an assistant could be the key to maximizing your productivity. The ideal executive assistant will complement your leadership role by providing organization and support for your daily tasks.


Executive assistants simplify your life by assuming administrative duties that can be time-consuming. This frees up your time, enabling you to manage your company more efficiently. With more time at your disposal, you can focus on the duties that directly impact profitability, ultimately helping you to achieve your potential as an executive. By refocusing your energy on critical tasks, an executive assistant can help you reach new heights of success.